Covid-19 Information

Highfield and Brookham Schools closed to all pupils in March, in response to the global Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, and in line with the UK government advice. Thankfully, the UK is now emerging from the crisis and schools are beginning to re-open, albeit under stringent social distancing requirements.

All schools are now allowed to re-open in the UK, provided they can adhere to stringent guidelines. At Highfield and Brookham, Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 pupils were the first to return at the beginning of June, and we opened to all pupils from 22nd June. To find out about the measures we put in place to welcome back our first Highfield year group, Year 6, read our article Returning to School Safely.

The UK Government has clarified that the return to schools in September will be at the normal beginning of term date, for all pupils, in all year groups.

When will boarding re-open?

We are getting ready to welcome Boarders back to Highfield in September, but the safety of the children remains our paramount concern. When our Boarders do return, and under whatever programme, we will be fully prepared. We will implement all government advised protective measures against Covid-19, and meet any and every stringent hygiene or social distancing requirement. To find out more about our plans to re-open our boarding provision, visit the Preparing to Re-open Boarding page.

Register with Confidence - Covid-19 Guarantee

Our Covid-19 Guarantee means that if you are a family based overseas, you can register your child for a place at Highfield and Brookham, safe in the knowledge that you will not lose out financially if the Coronavirus Pandemic interrupts your plans. Read More...

The BSA Charter

We are proud to have committed to adhering to the Boarding Schools' Association's (BSA) COVID-Safe Charter. Established in May 2020, the Charter aims to ensure the safety of all pupils and staff as schools begin to re-open across the UK, following closures due to the Coronavirus pandemic. You may also be interested in the document listing some of the main Safety Precautions we are taking at Highfield & Brookham to protect against the spread of the virus.

Stay Informed

The guidance on Covid-19 is still evolving in the UK. We will continually review and update the information on our website according to advice we receive from the Government Public Health England (PHE) and the Boarding Schools Association (BSA).

If you are a family based overseas and would like to be kept up to date, please do sign up to our International Parent Groups on Facebook or on LinkedIn where we will also announce further updates to this information.


Official Sources of Information about Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19)

UK Government Advice

World Health Organisation

Boarding Schools' Association

Independent Schools' Council


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