Extra-curricular Activities

We offer a plethora of extra-curricular activities at Highfield and seek to provide every opportunity for children to broaden their horizons and discover new talents or enthusiasms.

Our extensive Activities Programme provides the opportunity to extend the curriculum further, to promote greater intellectual development, and for children to follow their interests and nourish their growing minds. For example, History, Science, Computing and Greek Clubs allow pupils to delve deeper into subjects that fascinate them while Gymnastics, Badminton and Swimming Clubs enable pupils to develop higher level skills and to take part in external competitions. Squash, Volleyball and Archery Clubs offer children the chance to try something they might not have done before and Airfix Model Making, Mountain Biking and Board Games are a great opportunity to acquire new skills, and just have fun!

Additional Swimming and Tennis lessons are also available after school through our Activities Department. Visit the Swim School & Holiday Activities areas of this site to find out more.

Highfield Keys 'The keys to life, unlocking potential'

It is our aim to nurture a community with a strong sense of mission, animated by a desire to draw the best out of both children and staff, and sharing values of compassion, generosity, concern for others and our environment and a willingness to engage in the wider world.

Engaging with the communityEvery pupil is involved in our ‘Keys to Life’ programme. During a double lesson each week, pupils take part in a range of 'activities' related to our three Key aspects of the programme;

  • Life Skills,
  • Environment and the Outdoors,
  • Community & Charitable work

'Activities' range from Debating, Cooking, Environmental Art, Life Saving, Bushcraft, Dance, Knots, Bird Watching, Shelter Building, Community Art, Fencing, Fund Raising and Orienteering. For Years 7 and 8, the Life Skills aspect includes new topics such as Budgeting, HighReach Programme, Public Speaking and Interview techniques.

The HighReach Programme involves weekly visits and work with local charities; Stepping Stones (School for children with mild disabilities / hemiplegia), Hollywater School (for children with complex learning difficulties) and The Peak Centre (a centre for the elderly). A valuable experience, for our older pupils.

Forest School

The courses are run in our private woodlands and have proved a truly unique experience for pupils. Wilderness First Aid teaches the basics of risk assessment and First Aid in a natural environment. Wilderness Cookery shows how to identify and prepare wild foods such as rabbit, venison, fresh vegetables and how to use numerous different cooking methods including pit ovens, hot rocks and open fires. Through these courses pupils develop a real empathy and understanding of their immediate environment, experience valuable, meaningful, deep learning and have a fabulous time.

As the courses are run at the beginning of the Autumn Term, they also have tremendous 'pastoral' benefits helping children to make new friends at the beginning of the school year especially any new children joining the school.

Staff and pupils alike have an extraordinary time being led by experienced and wholly enthusiastic Bushcraft instructors. Throughout the year, there are further opportunities for pupils to practice their new found skills by participating in Year Group camp outs in the spring, summer and early autumn months.


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