Centenary Bursaries Fund

As part of our centenary celebrations in 2007, Highfield created an award scheme offering funded school places for children who would draw exceptional benefit from joining the School, perhaps as a result of less than optimal family or educational circumstances. Children offered Centenary Awards are funded jointly by the Bursaries Fund, and the School, which matches Awards made by the Fund.

The Centenary Award gave my daughter the opportunity to be a child again. Highfield was quite literally life changing for her.

Our Vision

Highfield has a long history of supporting such cases. The Centenary Bursaries Fund allows us to extend this and to broaden access to children who are not thriving in their current setting and for whom a private education would otherwise be impossible. By giving these children a great foundation as 8 to 13 year-olds, and by working closely with senior schools to secure the next stage of their education, we aim to give them the platform for educational success all the way through to University.

Changing Lives

The aim of the Centenary Awards is to make a real difference to a child’s life, not just academically, but also physically, emotionally and socially. The Bursaries are awarded to the children we believe will derive the most benefit from the Award, and where it will have the greatest impact in ensuring they reach their full potential.

Make a Difference in a Child’s Life Today

If you would like to know more about the Centenary Bursaries Fund or request an information pack, please send an email or telephone: 01428 728000.

Centenary Bursaries - Selection

The aim of the Centenary Bursaries Fund is to broaden access to children for whom a Highfield education is likely to have the greatest impact on their academic and personal development and future life chances.

Examples of children who are likely to derive particular benefit are:

  • Children who are experiencing social difficulties, such as being bullied at school, or who have challenging home lives, but who have the potential to thrive in the Highfield environment with its strong sense of community and high level of pastoral support.
  • Children with special needs, who have the ability to succeed academically if given the right support.
  • Gifted children, where the Highfield environment with its high level of individual attention and well developed programme for the gifted and talented could allow them to realise their potential more fully than in another school.

Potential bursary candidates are 'nominated' for an Award by a diverse range of charities and organisations with whom we have established links, as well as local Headteachers.

Education After Highfield

Highfield has strong relationships with a number of leading senior schools and we strive to ensure that our children continue onto their secondary education under a similar funding arrangement. This could include day or boarding, up to full funding, and possibly contributions towards uniform and school trips.

How to Donate

There are many ways you can donate, from sponsoring a child, to making a regular or one off donation. If you would like further information, please request an information pack via email

Centenary Bursaries Fund Donation Form 

How the Funding Works

A donation to the Highfield School Centenary Bursaries Fund triggers a succession of onward funding. This “Multiplier Effect” can increase the value of your gift by up to 9 or 10 times.

  • Centenary Awards are funded jointly by the Centenary Bursaries Fund and Highfield with the School matching any donations made. 
  • The Senior Schools’ Charitable Funds have so far met the entire cost of our Award Holders’ onward senior education.
  • Gift Aid increases donations to the Fund from UK income tax payers, by a quarter of their value.

Your donation is the first step on this path to giving a child a life-changing education.


Centenary Bursaries Fund - Charity Information

The Highfield School Centenary Bursaries Fund (the “Fund”) is a Trust that was set up as a separate legal entity in 2007, the centenary of Highfield moving to Liphook, with its own Trust Deed and Trustees. It was granted Charitable Status by the Charity Commissioners in 2007. (Registered Charity No. 1114845)

At present, the Trustees are:

  • Jonathan Carey – a former Highfield parent and also grandson of Canon Mills, the School’s founder.
  • Peter Greenwood – Old Highfieldian and also former Highfield parent.
  • Nick Denton – a parent of three Old Highfieldians.
  • Simon Mason – Highfield member of staff since 1997 and currently Head of History.