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Parents are a crucial part of the life and soul of Highfield and Brookham Schools. There are many benefits to being part of our parents' community. These may be as simple as enjoying our 175 acres of grounds in the South Downs National Park for dog walking or joining the Running Club.

If you are new to the schools we would be happy to put you in contact with other parents in your local area or year group. We welcome families from across Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex, as well as London and Internationally so there is bound to be someone nearby.

Some of our parents enjoy taking a more formal role perhaps participating in our Fundraising Committee or as a Parent Association Rep. No matter how much you wish, or are able to be involved, we offer a supportive friendly community for all Highfield and Brookham families.

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Friends of Brookham is the name of Brookham's Parent/Teacher Committee. Each class at Brookham has a volunteer parent as their Class Rep, and these Reps, together with the Headteacher, make up the Friends of Brookham (FOB). FOB is nearly as old as Brookham and has a good working relationship with the school. As well as organising social events, they also discuss varied matters relating to questions or topics raised by the parent body. You can contact your Class Rep at any time or if you would like to be introduced to your Rep please email

Highfield Parents’ Association is a valued sounding board for parents and the school. Our group consists of one parent representative for girls, and one for boys, from each year in the school, together with the Headteacher. Year Reps are a focus and a channel for ideas, concerns, and questions about all aspects of Highfield. They may raise these directly or through the Association's regular meetings. You can talk to your Rep, or any other Rep at any time. If you’re not sure who to contact for your year group, please email

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